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  • genius
    05-02 03:03 AM
    Hi everyone,
    Last week one of my friend(Mexican) from mexico was sent back from the airport and her visa was revoked (B1/B2).The officer claimed that since she lived in the US for almost 5-6 months (no overstays) for the last 2 years,she must have worked here.Is there any possibility that she could apply for another visa (either after waiting for a few months and what are the Odds?).Can the immigrant lawyer do anything to help her get her any other visa (student or something).

    Please help!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

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  • hebron
    08-20 10:17 PM
    I am not with them anymore, I transfered my H1 to another company already. i just need to find out the way how to file a complaint and proceed further.

    That's good to know that you transferred your H1-B.

    As people already suggested there are very slim chances you can do anything about this, since labor and I-140 belongs the the employer. So if you can prove with written statements from your employer that he will sponsor your GC and if can prove that have incurred monetary loss, you might be able to get something out of this.

    On a side note, You may want to see if there is any other options to bring him down, such as if you were on H1-B and if your employer did not pay you the salary he promised. This definitely will put him on the black list and he cannot hire anybody else on H1-B. All the best!

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  • saimrathi
    07-06 06:20 PM
    Nothing yet.. Hope its on tomm.. please post correct info..

    just been informed that the newscast is going is to happen tommorow. apparently there was some "breaking" news!! guys make sure you tune in tomorrow!!

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  • Almond
    07-17 11:02 AM
    Almond: what browser are you using ?

    Firefox but I tried it in IE too and nothing. I did a disk cleanup as well. Mystery:confused:


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  • ramus
    06-28 08:22 PM
    I asked you question before and I am asking you again, can you please let us know how much do you care about IV.. If you do then can you tell us what have you done till date for IV..

    Please answer it now..

    if everyone is so confident tht "USCIS has to accept 485 thru JULY 31 no matter what" then why the rush by few to file on july 1st are they selfish and don;t care about others ??, can everyone join together and file on a particular day for the benefi of all ?

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  • rajakannan
    06-28 08:02 PM
    if everyone is so confident tht "USCIS has to accept 485 thru JULY 31 no matter what" then why the rush by few to file on july 1st are they selfish and don;t care about others ??, can everyone join together and file on a particular day for the benefi of all ?


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  • god_bless_you
    04-01 04:08 PM
    I could not able to do web fax., forums are recognising my user id and password and when I enter my user id and password at getting invalid user id and password.,

    some times when I click on Home link I am getting _LOGIN_BLOCKED alert message few days back I sent a message to web master to this but not received any reply back!!

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  • singhsa3
    01-05 09:43 PM
    Especially after when you have kids. You are booted out of your bed and the kids take your place.
    Believe it or not I got so sick of sleeples nights (my 18 months old kid virtually rotates like a clock on bed all night long) that I had to buy a twin size sofa bed and place it next to our King Size bed. These days I am sleeping on that bed.

    this confirms that you are not married.
    I am, and as every married male knows, you sleep alone. Does not matter how many wives you have. Its something to do with the transformation that occurs in them as they go from girlfriend 1.0 to Wife 1.0.


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  • absaarkhan
    02-13 11:33 AM
    My Attorney Says You will get 3 Year H1B Extension

    Per My Attorney if We do a H1B Transfer after I-140 Approval YOU
    will get 3 Year H1B Extension. EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE ALREADY USED 6 YEARS OF H1B.

    I am currently on 7th Year H1B, I-140 Approved, I-485 filed more then 6 months ago. He confirmed that if i do a H1B Transfer to another employer and attach copies of all AOS receipts and "I-140 APPROVAL" i will get 3 year
    H1B Extension.

    Shana Can you Please confirm with your Attorney again.

    All I have used is the same job title and salary specified in the new offer letter. did not specify the job duties.

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  • nag2007
    02-08 04:06 PM
    I dont see any light at the tunnel. PDs will not move until they allow 485 filing even PD is not current.


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  • makemygc
    10-09 07:50 PM
    My employer is not giving copy of my I140. With out I140 how to port it to an other job/employer etc ?

    Can some on advise me !

    My company, which is a big one with more than 9000 employees tried to do the same with me. I've to do some sweet talking with my paralegal to get a copy of I-140, which was sufficient. Although, later I realized it was a notice of action but I think that should work too. Since, my company filed my 485 I did not have to worry much about that.

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  • kumsoft
    08-01 12:49 PM
    My I-140 approved from TSC and I-485 submitted to NSC on July 2nd 7:55am. I talked to 2 immigration officer today morning. They informed me my case would be transfered to TSC. I dont know if NSC would receipt my application:confused:


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  • sanbaj
    03-27 11:55 AM
    Thanks Sanbaj. Do you have both applications under same sponsor? Or different sponsor? My case is: both different sponsor and on top of that now I am working for third company using AC21 -EAD. Can any complications arise?
    My case was simple. Same Sponsor. Same Category EB2. You case is complex as three different companies are involved. In my understanding, which is very limited, both the approved I140s are yours to use. Whichever sponsor's I140 is applied to your AOS is that sponsor you should joing after AOS is approved. But, AC21 in your case makes it even more complex. You better get a very (interfiling) experienced lawyer to help you out in your case for just to be on the safe side. There is no point taking so much risk at this stage of this prolonged and painfull process.

    Best of Luck.

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  • lostinbeta
    02-05 04:46 PM
    EG switched hosts and servers since then :-\


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  • eilsoe
    02-16 06:10 PM
    voting ended, thread died :-\

    what gives??

    oh, Soul, thx for the battle ;)

    it was scary in the end...

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  • amit_p27
    06-20 07:36 AM
    Today is the next day of my GC freedom, and I am still on this forum, I didnot mean to leave the Forum, I still support IV with all my heart.......


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  • Guig0
    02-10 04:11 PM
    cheater... i didn�t imply that ;)

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  • gapala
    02-21 09:56 AM
    It was in sept 07.

    Thanks Sheela. Was that visit to home, a part of your employer audit as well as it was mentioned by bujjigadu123 or something else?
    Not sure whether you got a chance to ask the officer about the reason for this visit? Was it a part of random check or any investigation on fund transfers or any other program etc?

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  • veni001
    09-07 10:13 AM
    I have 14 years of education in india and 20 years of experience in IT - if my job requirement says bachelors equivalent + 10 years experience will it qualify me and job as EB2 ?

    AS long as the requirements are standard across the board(industry) other wise DOL will request to prove the business necessity through audit. :o

    02-12 06:50 PM
    All this for $3500? Its going to cost him a lot more if he wants to file a lawsuit.

    I don't think anybody will tell you for sure what the court will rule. Even if you pay a lawyer he will not tell you that - not in writing. Chances are that this will not even go to court and based the discussion on this thread its very unlikely if this will hold in any court.

    BTW, how did he come up with the figure 3500? Is that the salary that was paid to you while you were working for another company? As somebody pointed out earlier if this was the money paid to you as compensation when you did not work for him then he might be reasonable in asking you to re-pay.

    Let us know if you any information on what the 3500 figure is for.

    An email does not mean anything. You can just ignore it. Unless you have a certified notice from court you have nothing to worry about.

    My previous employer did not pay any thing additional, he paid for the hours i worked at the client place, this $3500 is for the last few days which he says the vendor is not paying as i did not give notice, so he expects me to reimburse it.

    How can one expect desi employer to pay more, it would be a surprise if such thing happens.

    05-08 02:45 PM
    To all the sufferers, please pursue your case with vigor at every opportunity.

    I am glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw a welcome e-mail from USCIS today in the morning. Took 6 years to get the GC with a total stay of 10 years.

    Congrats!! pal..


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