Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • zoooom
    07-02 03:44 PM
    Medical $1200
    Photos: $30
    HOurs lost at work: 10 (cost: 10*60 = $600)
    Lawyer fees: $1500

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  • eb3retro
    10-26 03:02 PM
    Finally after repeated expedite requests, SR, etc, I just received a call from my local congressman that NSC mentioned to them that AP renewal has been approved. I just saw a LUD update yesterday and today in my and my spouse's AP online case status. Its still sitting in initial review only. Hopefully it will show me approved in a day or two. Local congressman told that they will keep my case open until I call back and let them know its approved. Hoping to see an approval soon, will keep you all updated.

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  • roseball
    08-23 03:50 PM
    Final Q, how long it took from day1 of EB2 filing to filing I140 this week ?

    My PERM was filed on 30th March, approved on Aug 11th, received approval copy on 18th Aug, and I-140 to be filed this week.

    There was a lot of prep work involved before filing PERM in March. My employer agreed to start the process in Oct'09 and the lawyers started the ads in early Jan.

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  • doggy
    07-21 07:19 PM

    If you check the bright future jobs website, you will not find any reference to such a "Call".

    Beware, calling the number might expose your phone number, and you might become a victim.

    Please be aware law enforcement has been notified, if anyone encounters any problems as a result, please contact law enforcement.

    I hope the deranged person who originally posted the message can receive help soon.

    BTW, if "Antis" is your calling card (it's rarely used in reference to those participating in the immigration debate) you might have exposed yourself a little too much.

    :-). Good try. Well, anybody can hide their number using the *67 !!

    Ask Donna. It went on her Bright Future Jobs email list, not on the site. It's supposed to be a secret call of the Antis.

    I have been fighting the Anti-immigrant propaganda for a long time, okay? Just because I created a new nym to hide my actual identity doesn't mean what I post is untrue.

    Of course, unless you are trying to divert people. :-). You took all the trouble of creating a new ID to denounce this? Surprising.

    By the way, folks. The number is not a private number. I did a google search on the number, and looks like it's used by a lot of people for hosting conference calls. Probably some kind of service.

    See you there.


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  • learning01
    01-31 03:05 PM
    bonded labor?
    I liked ur statement

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  • shana04
    02-12 03:38 PM
    Nice to know that you started the process. Did you send the job transfer letter to USCIS along with H1B transfer or you just did H1b transfer (with plan to send the letter later).

    In a way it�s nice that USCIS is tracking all applications together (H1B transfer, I140, I485 for a candidate). It atleast gives the confidence that they are tracking all together and may not get any RFE�s to give them copy of I140 or such.

    Please share any updates.
    - kishdam

    H1B transfer was regular transfer but my new employer used the same job code as specified in labor.

    My attorney, then send the AC21 with new employer offer letter to uscis.

    hope this helps


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  • mirage
    03-11 04:35 PM
    No sir, I remember they provided them with lot of information, it's just that these 2 Senators want to kill H1B program, they had replied to him or not is immaterial.."non answer" meant they didn't answer his questions but rather gave some vague reply of how h-1 was good for usa.

    If I was on the receivng end of that response; I would have thought that these guys are playing with me and by not answering the quesitons; then they are obviously trying to hide something. Therefore, I will attack them in another way to make them conform to the behaviour I want.

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  • pcs
    06-18 08:05 PM
    There are a bunch of guys in Detroit area getting harrased in Canada..

    We can mobilize support


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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-25 01:44 PM
    You can only use experience IF it is for EB3 AND EVEN THEN ONLY IF it so states on the labor certificate.

    However, I have seen a few that have slid by the adjudicators. But the chances are very very slim and I have seen cases picked up later on if it was incorrectly approved ... but not always.

    I'm certain you cannot do that. While applying for H1B Visa, you can use experience in lieu of education, but while Perm/I140, they consider only 1 degree. Either its Masters or its Bachelors...even both of them are not considered as aggregates.

    If your attorney is planning that way, he may not have handled such cases before... :eek:

    You cannot substitute degree with experience while applying for Perm/I140.

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  • mpadapa
    06-12 11:07 AM
    Looks like the sub committee hearing on GC issues aren't web casted live.
    We might have to wait until they upload the witness testimony at a later time, normally they post the text of the testimonies. May be IV core folks can update us on the progress.

    Watch out for updates at

    Looks like they are talking about unemployment now ....

    I guess it is 11 am EST, correct?


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  • venkygct
    09-05 10:54 PM
    Folks who are yet to decide, ACT FAST and book your tickets. More than 100's of folks are joining from Northern CA itself. Its going to be a historic event. Dont miss it !!!

    If you need financial assistance to join the rally, please vote your requirement in the following poll

    I request all the folks who have booked their tickets from CA to vote in this poll....


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  • rvr_jcop
    02-13 01:28 PM
    got LUD on 1/29, 1/30 RFE send, 2/10 RFE evidence received, 2/11

    All three of our cases looks like mailed around the same period i.e. June 2007. Looks like they looking at our files and probably pre-adjudicating. Mine went to Nebraska. What about yours?


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  • anilsal
    12-24 11:57 PM
    seem to be like the three classes in railways in Asia. First (EB1), Second (EB2) and Third (EB3). So unfortunate. :(

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  • rb_248
    12-13 03:21 PM
    I have got a job offer & this employer has few pre-approved labors which he offered me if I join him.

    I am on H1B visa since 3.5+ years & I am looking for the company to get my GC as soon as possible. I have BS + 10 years of IT experience in India/ USA/ UK, as Software Engineer/ Solution Architect / Project Lead/ Project Manager / Sr. PM etc.

    I want to know :

    1. Is it possible to use this pre-approved labor for me... if I have all matching skills & experiences to show in my resume (experiences/skills gained before that approval date of that labor)...? This approved labor shows the name of their previous consultant.

    2. Is it necessary to file the labor substitution by the employer...if I want to use that approved labor...?

    3. Is it possible for this employer to directly file my I-140 against this approved labor...?

    4. What are the info/proofs to verify that this employer is really filling my I-140 against this labor... ? (This employer has their attorney & I could not have better communication with their attorney)

    5. This employer is a consulting company...(desi) & they asked me to sign a financial agreement to repay their expenses on labor substitution/I-140/I-485...if I will leave them early. ...Is it legal to ask for such kind of agreement...?

    Please let me know as much as info/ guidance you can provide to me.

    Great thanks in advance for all of your help.


    Congratulations on getting ahead. Make sure this is not a scam. Especially during such crisis times, we are very vulnerable.
    Employer asking for financial agreement - hmmmmm...... After making sure this is not a scam, confirm again.


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  • Edison99
    08-02 10:15 AM
    Very old article date December 17, 2007 :-(

    The backlog of visa applications is a significant issue. It has been written about previously, and the USCIS has faced a good deal of criticism over it. Here is one piece of such criticism: Migration Information Source - USCIS Faces Criticism over Visa Backlog (

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  • neverbefore
    07-14 11:26 AM
    I had gone to India for my father's 75th. b'day and planned to get my H-1 renewed. However, when I went to embassy, they said that I have to get clearance and will take one week. I said fine. One week became two weeks, then one month and then two months. I tried to contact embassy and other people, but of no use. My chief here in US, also tried. Meanwhile, my AP had arrive in US (we had filed for I485).( My wife had already got her H-1 approved and she had gone back.) She send me the AP. I contacted two of my lawyers; one said it is fine to come with AP, other said no. I send a letter to embassy asking about my travel with AP. They said, it is legal and not suggested!!!.
    So after waiting for two month, I took a chance and came here on AP. At the airport, they took more than one and half hours to get be cleared, meanwhile my wife was waiting for me outside, not knowing what was happening. She was in tears when I came out finally.
    After I came to US, I was informed from India that the US embassy had called and said that my name has been cleared and I should come to get my H1 visa stamped.!!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much Dinesh for this. Currently my spouse's passport is stuck in the same place for god-only-knows-what reason. The embassy staff said they are auditing every 2nd-3rd application. We have the AP but we were thinking that if we withdraw the H1B application, the embassy people might stamp the passport saying "Application Received" which sometimes can be a euphemism for "Visa Denied". I once got such a stamp when visa was denied to me.

    Since we would then always have to keep explaining at every stage why we have that stamp, that's why we are sticking on with H1B delay. We have been given the same time-frames as you were.

    When you withdrew your passport to travel on AP, did they stamp your passport with any text? Also could you please tell us the procedure you followed to withdraw your passport and whether you could collect it in person? We have been asked to email the US Embassy for withdrawing from our H1B application.

    Thanks buddy.


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  • senthil
    01-31 10:07 AM
    if money is the only factor, all green cards for next 10 years will be sold-out overnight, like how the entire H1B quota gets over in a single business day

    lets see

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  • Pineapple
    07-08 10:06 PM
    First of all, are the bills really dead for sure?

    In any case, being idealistic and blaming everyone else is not helpful. It is not an ideal world, lets face it. :)

    Perhaps we should see where we improve.. Perhaps we have an opportunity here:

    If we are fairly certain we cannot expect any bills this year, why not put aside lobbying for this year, and put the money and energy saved into publicity programs? Buy advertising space on ethnic publications/websites and put up interesting ads? Start a campaign to put up ads etc on college campuses, for instance, to get the student community involved.
    It seems having a website and bulletin board is insufficient by itself to generate the critical mass necessary for a sustained campaign. It is a starting point, and we need to move beyond

    We have to understand why many people get cynical. If I tell someone to call senators and congressmen every six months, and absolutely nothing happens the first seven times, the eighth time, it is understandable if some of the people don't bother. If I then rant at them for being stupid/cowardly etc, I am certain to be dismissed as an idealistic crackpot for ever, so we need to be careful. :)

    Well, even before Indian independence, it was just a handful of population that were actively involved in the process, majority took life as it came and were afraid. In fact, there are a lot of coward stories where cowards helped the British against freedom fighters. The reason British could rule India so easily because desis are submissive and it took a long time for leaders like Mahatma Gandhi to lay a foundation and gather critical mass enought o bring about a change and the worst thing is - the only change that happened was that British govt moved out. 60 years after independence, we are still divided mentality, lack of civic sense, we claim greaatness in getting IT and BPO projects, we could not win a gold medal in Olympics nor could we make any big scientific achievement - the worst thing is we come here to US and stay divided and expect that someone will do good to us

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  • chanduv23
    11-01 06:45 AM
    Thanks for the info,

    how to contact Ombudsman

    Google DHS USCIS ombudsman and you will find a link to form 7001

    07-19 11:12 AM

    i guess i mispelt the statement, my response was to his idea of seeking an Emergency appointment.

    ofcourse, just normal rescheduling is absolutely do-able.

    i think our friend is trying for Emergency so that wife can get appt in chennai only.

    No problem. I misunderstood too. Sorry about that! he has disappeared anyways. I believe he got his answers.

    06-19 11:53 AM
    I am not on EAD but on H1-B. I have a approval notice until 09/30/2010, but did not got the visa stamped. How should I replace "the EAD" portion in the letter?

    Yes, I have similar question. Do we really need to send a letter. last time, I do not think that I sent a letter. Akhil, please let us know about EAD Vs H1B ?


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