Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • blacktongue
    05-12 08:53 AM
    This is all politics & I will never support it.

    Your support it your I will never support it no meaning. Cannot vote.

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  • naveenkprasadam
    04-13 12:35 PM
    I got this crazy ideas earlier this week something like hiring a billboard space or some advertisement space in a popular newspaper.But this one is pretty sophisticated.

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  • satishku_2000
    12-12 02:06 PM
    Can you calculate for september 2004 :)

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  • db_greencard
    10-02 12:44 PM
    Applied to TSC on July 23rd, got a transfer notice on Sep 28th. I applied for I131, EAD/I485. My Checks got cleared. My EAD/AP receipt still says CA, but I think they are sending I485 to original I140 apporved center ...for me TSC.


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  • karnamrao
    08-22 02:13 PM
    Based on the discussion with Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting, DOS, the AILA has just released the following predictions:
    EB-1 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-2 (All Countries): Closely match to September 2007 VB
    EB-3 (All Countries): Similar to January 2007 VB
    EB-3EW (All Countries): 10/01/2001
    EB-4: N/A
    EB-5: C
    Please stay tuned.

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  • sanbaj
    07-31 05:30 PM
    Thanks, Sanbaj! Your response does help.
    You are welcome !!


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  • sam_hoosier
    12-19 12:57 PM
    I thought so. Life's never simple with USCIS in it :) If at that time my spouse (my beneficiary) has not used EAD and is still on a non immigrant visa (H1 or L1), can I switch to dependent status?

    Yes, you can switch to a dependant status if your spouse has a valid non-immigrant visa.

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  • pd_recapturing
    08-13 10:03 PM
    Suppose we know the current job code attached to LC and we have job duties of the new job. How do we know the job code of this new job ? Can anybody throw some light ?


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  • dish
    01-10 10:27 PM
    We can demand a purple card for any techworker who had worked and paid taxes and contributed to Social Security and medicare for three continuous years. This card should allow free travel and work permit for spouse. Counterpart of blue card for illegals......Once the priority date becomes current and adjustment of status is complete, purple card is replaced by green card !!!!!!!!

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  • nosightofgc
    10-10 08:18 AM
    I worked for Everest Inc for the first six months in the US and I came through them. They were ok with me. Even though I left the company before 1 Year, they did not charge.

    I am not sure whether we need to have a original 140. I never asked my employer and even they did not mention about that.


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  • DSLStart
    04-29 01:42 PM
    Pakistan had the F series jet fighters since the last many decades. The Americans were offering the advanced version to India and Pakistan. Pakistan is much ahead of India in maintaining log sheets of it with rich experience of 30-plus years. The type of relationship that exists between the US and Pakistan Air Force what is the guarantee that our system won't be leaked to Pakistan's system? If that happens, India's advantage would vanish.

    Quick Chain of events .

    India rejected both Boeing and Lockheed Martin's proposal of fighters . I am not debating the reasons or the merits of this decision if this was right or wrong . I am just discussing the potential repercussions this has had so far and might have .

    'Exclusion of US firms from IAF jet deal a setback for ties' (

    1) The issue is so serious that Tim Roemer , US Ambassador to India submitted his resignation immediately since he was on the hook for making this deal work .This shows the measure of disappointment they had.

    2) India was seeking US assurances in security a Permanent Security council seat , which looks far fetched now .

    4) Pentagon , Whitehouse and the DoD very upset that deal fell through . This sentiment will certainly percolate to the USCIS and the State department and might embolden Anti Immigration senators whose measures will get more support in the house and senate.

    5) Prosecution of companies entangled in cases like Infosys might find more support and favor with the Govt.

    Question is how/if there will be a backlash against India / Indian's get back at us at least in the short term .Increased scrutiny and visa denials , PoE Harassment , GC audits etc.

    Will the US take a Tit-for-Tat reaction on this issue is what remains to be seen.

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  • IfYouSeekAmy
    04-20 12:02 PM
    Good luck with this effort since you are already fighting among yourselves! :D


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  • boreal
    12-12 01:11 PM
    You wont be disappointed.

    This country doesn't care about legal immigrants, all they care is about illegals and big businesses..Does anyone know how to go to Canada ? Please tell me ..please please...Or any other country other than India..doesnt matter even if it is Iraq..please tell me, I am tired of waiting for visa bulletins and putting my life on hold..please...

    :-):-) Hehehehe folks..please continue from here, cant give more than this for now!!

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  • sanju
    07-06 09:52 PM
    BBBBRrrrrrrrr another idiot

    1) My screen name has nothing to do with the argument here. If we discuss my screen name we are going on a tangent which is very typical of desis (I rememeber womanly taunts in movies and woman gossip where they would pick anything but would niether make a point nor a valid argument)

    so you can see where your argument is going..

    2) Hopefull signifies optimism. A pessimist is an optimist who is very analytical or knows better. Your argument is similar to "And they lived happily ever after ...(after singing around green trees) ...." ignoring the ground reality, facts that no dent has been made and also turninga blind eye to the fact that there are people since 2001/2002 stuck. Its 2007 meaning five years and if the Dept is not willing to budge after all these efforts to a number more than 7000, and you still are HOPEFULL ignoring the facts means that you are an idiot. Yes you will get your GC before you die for sure provided you live upto the age of appx 70 and your consulting firm is around and you are not tired of the bickering with your employer.

    Its just like a Yash Chora SRK movie only happens in reel life and not real life ..

    3) as far as the FT job goes we both knwo it deep within what it means...i hope you are smart enough to get the point and wont make me word it to emabrass you further..

    4) if you would be intelligent enough to shed some light on how kindness and make you get your GC in thsi scenario ...

    just a piece of advise ..STOP BEING DUMB

    Very well then, let me practice some Gandhi giri and kindness.

    Dear Hopefull,

    I hope all members of this forum are relieved of the burden of this unnecessary long wait time. No human being is gaining anything in making several hundred thousand people to wait at a point in their lives. I hope that you get your green card long before everybody else. And I hope that you keep you FT job and you progress in your life more so than you expect.

    Around 3 weeks back I got my green card. And if there was a way for me to give you my green card, I would have done so gladly. I did my masters in US a few years back and for couple of years during and just after my school years, a part of me used to think that working in consulting firm was below my standard and people getting education in US university are the only worthy human beings. After having lived through few years of my life at my job, now I have "slightly" matured from my yester years. Now I think that number of degrees doesn’t make some one better than others without a degree. I have worked at a full time job for last 7 years in a Fortune 10 company. Some of my best friends work for consulting companies and these are fine gentlemen. I have learnt a lot from my friends. In the end, I think it makes no difference how many degrees one earned or whether one is working for a consulting firm or at a FT. What we are made of is reflected in our behavior towards others around us and it has nothing to do with the number of masters degrees one has earned. Anyways, hope you get your green card soon and you do well in life. And I hope that you become source of peace and joy for others around you.



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  • GIC
    11-09 12:31 PM
    TSC, RD 7/2 , ND 9/7, LUD 9/10, no SR.

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  • mrajatish
    12-14 08:40 AM
    If an employer does not take advantage of employees by doing illegal things while applying for labor sub (e.g., asking for money, asking employee to sign a bond etc), it is a legitimate way to get GC. I have repeatedly said that PD transfer during labor sub should be stopped, if possible. However that has consequences too because of the stupid "labor must be pending 1 year for H1 extension" rule.

    There are legitimate scenarios for a company to use labor sub when they want to hire someone in their 6th year of H1 or children of employees they have hired are going to become 21+ and need to apply for 485 before that happens. There could also be concern about H1 stamping in some countries and hence getting AP becomes important.

    However, there are lots of bad apples with labor sub (read as companies taking advantage of employees) too. Overall, labor sub would not be an issue if there were adequate visa allocations for high skilled individuals.

    We really need to concentrate on the bigger agenda of getting favorable laws passed. At the same time, any abuse of the system (e.g., bad apples) should be reported, if not by the employees but by their friends etc.



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  • BharatPremi
    11-06 11:28 AM
    Thanks bharatpremi - thats a pretty comprehensive scenario.! Very helpful indeed.!
    My Infopass appt. is next week in baltimore. My EAD & AP are still pending for both me and my wife. 90 days was y'day.! USCIS recd. our EAD & AP applications on 8/7.

    I have scheduled my appt. for tuesday morning. I could provide only my info (A# and receipt #) online - can i take my wife along too although she hasn't officially scheduled a appt for tuesday with me.? Do you know if they may object when we have filled ii only 1 person online but 2 show up for the appt.?

    I think you should not face any problem. I went alongwith my wife (Although I took appintmnet for 4 but my children did not come for obvious reason - school day) and Guard, Guy at window or lady at the counter none of them asked a single question to my wife. So I believe if your wife come alongwith during an appintment, you should not face any problem. All in all for me total process was not more than 30 -40 minutes. So in case if they hesitate to let her in she can wait outside either in a car or in waiting room (Assuming Baltimore has same facility as Dallas)

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  • abracadabra102
    08-10 12:24 PM
    Perm filers hate LS guys as they went ahead of line...
    Backlog guys hate Perm filers as they went ahead of line...
    Eb3 guys hate EB3-EB2 conversion guys as they went ahead of line...
    ....and it goes on.
    This shit never ends!!!:(

    Strangely, everything is done within the scope of law!

    good one

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  • Almond
    11-02 06:19 PM
    MY GC NOW AND NOW NOW NOW.. uuuuAAAAnnnn uuuuuuuuaaannnnnnnnnnnn

    I want my GC now... booohhhoooooooooooooooooooo

    Okie thats it, my prediction thingy done.. back to work with desi tharra.

    Um, priority date August 06 and you're an EB3? might want to leave these forums for about mm...3-4 years and come back when it's ALMOST your turn. Then you'll be almosting for a few more years :D like me. Then you can start doing your little song and dance. Look at my date.... :(

    01-26 04:43 PM
    It is fishy, but nothing to worry about. It's illegal for an employer to impose early termination fee in any form so even if you sign it, this clause has no power.

    02-02 06:16 PM
    Well, I would say no to that, but the general rules state that all participants in a battle can not vote in the particular battle...

    so.. I guess we should stick to that... I'd like to vote too, but let's follow the rules :)


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