Friday, June 17, 2011

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  • dpp
    03-18 03:38 PM
    it will not move past March 2004....that is when PERM was started, and everyone with pending EB3's doubled-downed with a second EB2 application. Its time to feel the pain of that now!!!

    PERM started on March 2005, not 2004.

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  • tikka
    07-02 08:20 PM
    I put in $100 today to fight for our cause

    for your contribution:)

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  • bigboy007
    07-18 12:47 PM
    I think all of us cautious at this time is very imp and we keep calling uscis pref next week so that we ensure we have enough backup avail and we have 30 days till.

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  • nozerd
    03-09 01:16 PM
    I have been here 18 yrs and still waiting. You are lucky if you get it in 16 yrs. Ofcourse not all my 18 yrs have been in GC queue.

    Hey who are you calling BS ???? :rolleyes:

    I have been in the US 15 years and counting.



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  • Rajeev
    02-01 03:04 PM
    Hi Varsha

    I will attend the conference call but unfortunately I would not be able to come to the temple Saturday. The earliest I can reach temple is 3:00 p.m.

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  • ashwin_27
    06-13 12:10 AM
    If this has not been done already..a good idea might be to spread this message among the hundreds of International Student (including Indian/Chinese) associations. They are already having trouble entering as graduates into a tough job market and this anti-H1B proposal will only make things additional incentive for students to join this IV initiative. I will forward to my alma mater and couple of other student associations I am aware of.


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  • gemini23
    09-26 09:57 AM
    sent a email to the cnn editor.

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  • lazycis
    12-20 08:49 PM
    Well, I moved a lot since 2001 and I don't know if the IO sent any documents to my previous address. Yes, I have unexpired H1B visa till Oct 2002(I-94 valid until Oct, 2002). In Apr, 2005, I went to Canada for stamping of my new H1B. I again made an appointment in Jan, 2008.

    No worries for you, if you were inadmissible they would not let you back into the country.


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  • gemini23
    09-26 10:13 AM
    Can the IV core make this a sticky thread or display it prominently in the main that we can this as one of the action items for today.

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  • senthil1
    08-15 06:28 PM
    I think after next October PD will be 2005 or later for EB2 and 2002 or later for EB3. The argument of taking 10 years for EB3 is just speculation and that much worse situation will never happen unless if they increase H1b numbers so much. Even after increasing H1b for US MS degree holders EB2 situation was not worst. Still I think less than 20% of H1b persons are applying GC. Reason is Top 4 Indian companies and some american consulting companies are not processing gc.

    Unfortunately, China and ROW EB2 are 2 and 3 years ahead of INDIA EB2!!!
    Hopefully, INDIA EB2 and EB3 moves forward in OCT with new allocation.



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  • Jaime
    09-11 03:38 PM
    If people were looking for yet another reason to attend the rally, here it is! If you are EB3 your wait just got much longer! We need to get that changed! By going to Washington!!!

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  • yabayaba
    08-11 02:23 PM
    Also Could me in..


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  • pointlesswait
    11-13 11:48 AM
    when was the last time you won a legal battel in 2 weeks/months/years time?

    By the time this is ruled in our favor.. i am sure the CIR will be a reality...;-)

    BTW... immigration policy is purely optional... US can do away with it..and you will have no say abt it.

    I think instead of wasting time/money/effort on such an agenda...we must seek more realistic and practical short term solutions and BUT pursue our long term goal of CIR....

    some of these short term policies can be:

    a.) simultaneous filing of 140/485...
    b.) 5 yr ead..without restrictions.
    c.) add to the list..

    IV is acting like a desi politician.. paisa do and shut up..we know what we are doing....they refuse to even entertain such alternate remedies.

    like i had said in my earlier post.. If you pay a BYTCH.. she will sing what you want to hear..hence the fake promises of CIR being a reality..and all.. (remember that 588x bill fiasco) and NOW we know..from the horses mouth.. CIR is dead for the near foreseeable future.

    So i think we should pursue alternate reliefs with immediate effect.

    just my 2cents.

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  • chris
    04-24 03:13 AM
    Congrats Googler.

    Did you see any LUD's before approval ?

    __ visa numbers will be deducted from quota :D ( fill in the blank please )


    Opened my email this morning to see the card production ordered email (time stamp in my inbox reads 2:15 am PST 4/23/08); the approval date was 4/23/08.

    Been in meetings all day so not even a chance to call anyone about it.


    Good luck to all my fellow sufferers!



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  • ramus
    07-02 07:44 PM
    Thank you.. Please ask others to contribute.

    I put in $100 today to fight for our cause

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  • kutra
    03-03 06:51 PM
    Some of the data can be obtained from here

    of course it is not complete but gives a good glimpse.

    Now, you show me your 10 billion dollars :)

    My 10 billion dollars can be found here: :D

    BTW, your PDF is data for people who filed under PERM in 2007, and not for the audience you are including in your letter.

    Anyway, I am going to stop playing devil's advocate and let you manage this. Just make sure you don't invite unnecessary attention by asking outlets to come peeking here.


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  • willigetagc
    08-23 09:56 AM
    Hi, I hope somebody helps in my dilemma.

    I am currently on an L1A visa. I heard that my main office (where I am now working) is closing the foreign office where I come from. Based on L1 requirements and facts, it states that once the subsidiary closes, my L1 becomes invalid. Given this, the company is willing to sponsor my green card as soon as possible. It will probably still take a year before the subsidiary officially closes. What are my options? If they have to close the company while my green card is being process, would it be cancelled ?


    Tricky situation, many permutations. Check with a lawyer.

    But I think if you file for I-140 asap you can lock in the PD. When that becomes current (chances are good if you are not from India/China) you can file for I-485, get your EAD+AP and continue working on the EAD.

    Other option is to apply for a H1B change of status on the FIRST day the USCIS starts accepting applications. If you get approval, then it kicks in Oct 01, 2009. The odds of getting an approval are approximately 1 in 2. On the flip-side, you might have to restart your GC process and get a labor certification first.

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  • shivarajan
    08-11 11:16 PM
    Doesn't matter if it moves back or not, since the mass fiasco hysteria began at Jul 2007, due to which, I guess uscis may even think of moving dates in hours (if waz possible) if not days after 2005 Jan date now, wherein EB-I apps counts even if dates muved hours will be hundreds (/thousands?) ;-)

    We should not forget d fact which came straight from the horse's mouth...
    "Wait times will be years/decades for for EB-I". (no more fiasco's again since preadjudications are happening is bad news for folks who missed fiasco and can't get ead for next decade or so)


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  • saimrathi
    07-03 09:13 AM
    with out a reliable website, we can't communicate and do all the important things(productive) you are talking. maintaining a reliable website doesn't need much funds.

    How about Google ads.. Gmail, Yahoo etc are not paid sites and still do a very reliable job..

    09-26 11:52 AM
    Eilene Zimmerman
    freelance journalist
    v and f: 619.582.2192

    07-18 04:42 PM
    My calculations

    Total pending cases : 400k (came from Ron Gotchers post)
    Acceptance rate : 75%
    Total applciation that can be approved : 300k

    40% indian applicants (approvable) : 120k
    40% EB2 India (approvable) : 48K (can range between 40k and 60k)
    60% EB3 India (approvable) : 72k (can range between 60k and 90k)

    Ron Gotchers post

    Good calculations but your numbers till what PD? is it upto date.. i mean who ever had LC approved till July-2007 or just PD's between April 2004 to Jun 2006?


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