Friday, June 17, 2011

Park Min Young almost gets her dress ripped off by a cat

Park Min Young experienced a press conference that she’s sure to never forget.

On June 16th, the actress appeared at Ewha Women’s University to attend a press conference for her upcoming horror film, “Cat: Two Eyes that See Death“. During the photo session, Park Min Young was handed Bidanee the cat to pose for the cameras with.

But Bidanee, who hadn’t been outdoors since she gave birth to her kittens a month ago, was startled by the sudden camera flashes and started to struggle. In the process, she managed to pull down one of Park Min Young’s dress straps, almost leading to an accidental exposure.

Greatly surprised by what had just happened, Park Min Young hurried towards the the host Kim Saeng Min who was also up on the stage, and he and the others rushed over to help. They took the cat away from the stage, and shielded Park Min Young as she sorted her dress properly.

After the incident, Park Min Young smoothed down her dress and returned with a bright smile for the rest of the photo session. In an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere, Kim Saeng Min joked, “Miss Min Young, you really almost ended up on the news today“.

Meanwhile, “Cat: Two Eyes that See Death” will premiere in theaters on July 7th.

source: allkpop


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