Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • gps
    06-20 12:20 PM
    May i know when was your last fingerprint done, my PD is Aug 2003 and i had finger print done long back so do they need to do the fingerprint gain before approving?

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  • tikka
    03-23 02:31 PM
    NYC members - please respond to me. Lets coordinate on this.
    I am from NYC.
    Also, I did update my contact info on the yahoo group you setup.

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  • arc
    10-02 02:27 PM
    Whose case was transferred from NSC to CSC and back have got their Finger Printing Notice? (Any other dates/category does not matter)


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  • O'podu
    07-10 10:03 AM
    :mad: I just posted this in another thread.

    I saw the show yesterday. It is very sad that people like lou dobbs are twisting the facts by saying around 700,000 H1b visa holders are overstaying in USA. Also on that show one senator named "TOM" forgot his lastname, is saying the same and also that guy even did not know how long H1B is valid, he says it is valid for 5 years after that H1b visa holder become illegal. These kind of people spread hatered among common people against immigrants. is there way, we can sue these guys for their racist remarks/ misleadeing information?

    i did watch the show, i feel my blood arousing to fight back. Well, we can try exposing his false faces to other TV show hosts like msnbc, foxnews etc.
    Am sure there should be some law point to help us sue this guy.


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  • GCOP
    04-22 04:12 PM
    I just wrote to the President on the link

    I will also write to the Member of Congress and Senators of my State.

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  • hiralal
    05-05 10:16 PM
    Welcome. I urge you to browse this wonderful site and try to gather more information as to what IV has to offer and its history.

    BTW: "sub prime" has nothing to do with the real estate market or the location of the house. It is a financial term to describe a "risk" category invented for the layman. People who got loans even though they do not have the 'prime' credit rating and paid zero down payment are the ones who are walking away from their houses. These foreclosed houses can be anywhere and probably in better locations than not, as their prices would not have precipitously climbed during 2003-2006 crazy years.
    I agree with the above...subprime is not an area ..btw it is too late to link immigration with housing did pick up some steam as shiller and others discussed it ,...THE Problem ..shiller and others wanted to give GC's to those who come to US on the first day ..he probably does not know that there are a million immigrant with good bank balances and GC (a small plastic card) is preventing them from buying a house.
    as for the post above ..even 1 extra home sold helps ..and 100K homes sold definitely helps ...we just need to sell the idea and get the GC ..but maybe it is too late now


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  • pappu
    07-20 05:12 PM
    Too many issues at that time. Old h1 was anyway expiring soon. Desi bodyshoper employer was going nuts sqeezing me dry. He was demanding money for everything from H1 extension to giving out compnay letters for GC related issues and thousands of such reasons. But as I already said.. it's's done...

    Your employer should pay for H1 and H1 extension. If he is exploiting you, and you accept being exploited, then you should also share the blame for accepting this.

    This forum has past posts where people have shared information on how to complain against such employers. One of the goals of IV is to generate awareness in employees so that employees can use their voice against injustice.

    Accepting such 'exploitation' should not be tolerated and you must take action against such an employer. It is such employers that give a bad name to the entire H1B visa program and the whole community is blamed and made to suffer. Our bills face an uphill task because of this. Employees must complain so that they can help fix the H1B and green card system.

    I hope you use your voice and take action against such employer. IV is against such exploitation and it must be reported to DOL and USCIS. If you have to go to court for it, you should consider it.

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  • alterego
    07-06 02:18 PM
    Immigration Voice member Dr. Murtaza Bahrainwala, who was also quoted in the New York times article today about the July Visa bulletin fiasco and the resulting fallout from it, will be on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams tonight around 5:30 Central time.

    The interview also has snippets of interview with USCIS officer as Brian Williams has interviewed USCIS over this issue also. So its a "must watch" thing.

    This will be on NBC and that's good coz you dont even need cable to watch this. In your local area, the NBC channel affiliate will be broadcasting the "Nightly news" with Brian Williams.

    Local times may vary depending on your local NBC affiliate. Its most likely 5:30 Central time tonight but check your local listings.

    Thanks to Dr. Bahrainwala for the interview.

    Wow. Very visible place to get on the radar. Can't wait to see it.
    If I remember correct in the NYT article, he has spent something like 11yrs waiting to just file the 485.

    I hope, really hope that out of all this we can atleast get a visa recapture legislation. It can be considered as undoing the inefficiency of the USCIS over the years.

    It will help everyone in the EB line at every stage in many ways.


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  • whoever
    04-14 08:39 AM
    China eb3 may move but not india eb3. there are too many of them. i dont think there will be any cir or things like it passed this year. there is already however several bills writting to resolve but with eb3 world and rest doing just fine, why would the congress want to do something for india. i would be very surprised if they did

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  • GKBest
    08-20 03:56 PM
    This is really sad and very unethical. As my lawyer would put it, the I-140 is owned by the employer that's why he was hesitant at first to give me a copy. So I guess, your employer can do this. I think he knows that you won't have the gut to expose him since this will also put you in an awkward situation since you paid for your labor and I-140 which, strictly speaking, is against the immigration law.

    Think of other ways to get even with him.


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  • vine93
    01-05 11:11 AM
    Dear friends:

    As the Past President of a PMI Chapter (PMP for the past 10 years and working in the field of Project management for the past 15 years) let me shed some light to this query.

    Reasons why you should do PMP
    1) If you believe you need a promotion, new job or rise the corporate ladder within the field of IT or management, take PMP.....Billing rate of PM's is $90-150/hr for consulting, full time could be from $100K-$250K. The next generation CIO's will be highly qualified PM's.
    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.
    3) PMP will help you get the project manager job, if you do not have one. However, become a Project Manager only if you like working with people. Trust me, if you hate politics and hate managing people, it is better for you to stay a techie. Your life will be miserable if you do not like managing people. Do something that you enjoy, rather than what you may hate. It is all about people and people management, rather than project management in the world of PMP's
    4) PMP has become mandatory for all large gigs or projects. Small projects do not need PMP's and small projects do not pay well too.
    5) PMP does not make you a better project manager. But PMP is needed by the industry. It is the experience that one gets from being on the field from different industries that makes one a good project manager.

    I hope this should help some of you to make a decision to be a PMP or not.

    2) Job security for PMP's. The only job that will not be outsourced to India or China is that of a project manager.

    Wrong !!

    I work for IBM and IBM just recently outsourced almost all the PM's and SDM's job to India only ( Not to China because of English speaking ability ).
    IBM got tonnes of skilled MBA's with english speaking. As of now hardly I see any PM's from US during calls. But I admire you for all the other points. well said.

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  • nousername
    07-21 08:57 PM
    Hey Ronhira, I really enjoyed reading your reply.. I really don't care about this so called call but your reply simply made me smile. Thanks...

    hey asshole, stop posting these idiotic messages using different ids..... no one is scared of this shit.... if you really don't want people to call.... stop posting this bullshit..... otherwise people will call in.... and u can't do a jack shit about it..... if u r for real and u think anyone here is scared of this shit...... u r just old school which means u need basic lessons of what's going on in this world ..... probably that's y even slumdogs can take u'r job and u r unemployed.... just image, if according to u "slumdogs" like us can take u'r job.... what does that make you.... worst than a slumdog.... maybe poop of slumdog... do u have any shame..... stop spamming now.....

    no one here cares for u'r stupid call of bunch of slumdog poops ..... u'r impotent and u'll continue to be impotent.... go to hell.... with luv from a slumdog


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  • indianabacklog
    03-17 08:49 AM
    Just cut your losses and so much time that you have already spent on trying to salvage this I140.

    Was in exactly the same position as you are now six years ago and had to start a new application.

    I still do not have a green card due to the labor certification backlogs and visa number retrogression but at least have got an approved I140 and AOS in process.

    My advice to you is, MOVE ON!

    Spend your money on a new application with the correct wording in your adverts and in the more applicable category.

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  • eb3retro
    01-13 03:40 PM
    u know what, gcseeker2002 is correct to the dot. we do not need a transit visa while coming thru germany in lufthansa. no one even mentions that word. i called and emailed the german consulate b4 i flew out of US, all people including german consulate, travel agent (2 of them),, mentioned that i require it and still i travelled back without it. no one mentioned that word. trust me guys, u wont require it, i just came 10 days ago just with AP.

    NOTE : I also recd such emails from German consulate.

    Hey gcseeker2002, after 300+ postings also how can you post such a thing.

    This is new rule implemented and by thinking you as senior if someone goes and faces problem will you be responsible. So please don't do this boss.

    To All Who believe no need to have valid VISA while going back to India or their country.
    This is email got from German Consulate at Washington DC to my collegue.

    German Cosulate Rep at DC: You wrote that your visa for the United States already expired in September 2010. Therefore you do not fall under Exception Nr. 2. This exception is meant for persons travelling to the US holding a valid US-visa (e.g. a visitors visa with one entry) on their way travelling to the US (Exception 1) and travelling back to their home country during the validity dates of this same visa, but already having used it for entering the US (Exception2) . I hope this clarifies your additional question. I suggest that you apply for an Airport Transit Visa as soon as possible to avoid any problems when travelling back to India via Frankfurt airport.


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  • Libra
    01-22 09:24 AM
    bump, on long weekend how many of you sent letters?

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  • h1-b forever
    01-13 09:11 AM
    How much does the Transit visa cost?


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  • gcformeornot
    09-27 02:33 PM
    your degree certificate changed if you completed your degree in 2000 and gave some supplimentry exam in 2002, so you did not get Degree Certificate in 2000. You got it in 2002. That makes it 2002 Degree Holder and not 2000. That mean whatever supp subject you are saying was mandatory for Degree Completion.

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  • thomachan72
    05-18 04:19 PM
    for those with masters or phd there is already a special quota called EB1. All of the others are not different from one another. if with your MS/PhD you are going to do the same kind of job any qualified person from India would do, what is the need for a special catagory. You have to prove your point then everybody will agree. Just by saying "special quota for MS" we will ask; WHY? show us the reason. I know lot of engineering graduates/MBAs/research scientists who have got MS from here but dont see any special significant contribution. I also know lot of professionals (specialists in medical / other fields) who were trained in the US and are significantly valued all over the world. So to put it briefly, this argument will not work with the law makers. People with PhD and lot of publications / patents / significant contributions etc definitely need a special quota and they already have one. The rest of us are in the same boat friends.

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  • anai
    04-01 03:18 PM

    12-21 12:07 PM
    The only time I have had to deal with the Houston Consulate (or any Indian Consualate in the US) was last year when I needed a new/renewed passport. Sent it by mail and received it back in 1 week. I really can't complain since it's the best experience I have had with any consulate.

    I applied for a UK visa, and they stuck someone else's visa in my passport. To call them, there's only a paid line for 99c a minute, even if it's their fault. And I was put on hold for 15 mins.

    Applied for a Canadian visa, 3 mnths in advance of my trip. When I asked after 3 weeks, they told me pretty rudely that of I enquire about the status, it'll take even longer to process. (This is a tactic I would love to use with my boss whenever he asks about the status of things I'm working on) :) Finally processed it in 2.5 months. This was a simple single entry for 4 days.

    Applied for a schengen visa(Germany), they took 3 weeks to process a simple business visa. Sent back my documents saying that I didn't have coverage for repatriation of corpse should I die in Europe, even though my policy clearly had it and this was verified when I presented the documents in person at the consulate. Schengen countries demand that you apply in person, because they want to make sure you have the face for going to Europe.

    I have a Dutch friend whose Indian wife took 3 mnths to get a visitor visa. This is because he complained to the Dutch foreign ministry when her visa wasn't done in 3 weeks. He was outraged that the wife of a Dutch citizen should be treated by his govt. like that. Oh well, they showed him.

    So given all this, I would assume that all embassies/consulates are inefficient, simply because they are government workers who are not answerable to anyone and can't get fired. And they work in a monopoly.

    Of course, we like to think Indian babus are either stupid, lazy, corrupt or a combination of the above because it's a mindset we have. But looking at how USCIS and the embassies above operate, I think Indians are pretty much on par with everyone else.

    04-21 05:44 PM
    Posted the letter to whitehouse address with the following contents:

    "I am writing to inform you of how the country based quotas imposed on Employment Based green cards are unfair and illogical. I came to the US with the belief that this country is a meritocracy where you are judged based on your abilities and qualities. These country based quotas judge people based on their place of birth. This causes people from India and China to wait over a decade to get a green card whereas someone from another country with similar or lesser abilities can obtain permanent residence in a fraction of that time. Lack of permanent residency has made me hesitant to buy a house or to do any long term investments in US and I want to get out of this limbo at the earliest.

    My requests to you are:
    1. Eliminate country level quota on Green Cards (to reduce the backlog of permanent resident applicants)
    2. Recapture unused permanent visa numbers from the past (to allow USCIS to issue permanent visas to eligible applicants whose applications have been processed and pre-adjudicated)
    3. Issue 5-year EAD cards (to reduce workload on USCIS of administrative renewals)
    4. Issue 5-year Advanced Parole document (to allow people like me stuck in the backlog to travel back and forth from USA without having to renew AP every year)

    I believe in President's slogan "Yes, we can!"."


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