Friday, June 17, 2011

Is Kim Kardashian the ultimate bridezilla? As she takes Kris to learn the bridal waltz, Khloe speaks out


That's the dance sorted: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries leave a dance studio in Hollywood today after private coaching from Dancing With The Stars' Mark Ballas

Kim Kardashian has always made it clear that her ultimate aim was marriage and children.

And it seems that now she's got a ring on her finger nothing is going to stop her organising her perfect fairytale nuptials.

In fact the reality star may be in the running to be named the ultimate 'bridezilla', with even one of her sisters predicting her planning will soon become an obsession.

Kim was seen visiting a dance studio with fiancée Kris Humphries today, ushering him inside for private coaching from her former Dancing With The Stars partner Mark Ballas.

It came a day after she was seen leaning over a stressed looking Kris as he picked his wedding suit at a bespoke tailors.

Taking to her feet to better enable her to point out suggestions, she soon had the NBA star in a visible sweat.

Now about the cake... After leaving the dace studio, Kim and Kris headed to two different bakeries

And while Kim and Kris only announced their engagement three weeks ago, they have already organised and published their wedding list.

Kim's sister Khloé believes she will be a 'huge bridezilla' while organising her wedding.

The 26-year-old reality star thinks her older sister, 30, will be a nightmare.

Speaking to Life & Style, she said: 'Kim's going to be a huge bridezilla. She'll get specific with things like fabric, saying, "I can't have cotton, I want French cotton!"

'That's how crazy she is. But she's never mean about it.

'Kim knows what she wants and is going to have whatever she wants. I love that about her - I love the diva-ness.'

Showing the strain: Kim had Kris in a sweat as she helped him pick out his suit at a bespoke tailors yesterday

source :dailymail


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