Monday, June 13, 2011

honey badger vs cobra

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  • MacNut
    Aug 7, 02:12 PM
    Its about time they FINALLY hit 3ghz. This is a big step for Apple.

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  • NebulaClash
    Mar 28, 11:12 AM
    I don't have anything against the iPhone 4, I have one myself. But looking objectively at the technical specifications of other phones sold now, I have to say the internal design is dated.

    Agreed, if you look at technical specifications, you can find newer tech on the market with more features. That's sort of the leapfrog game that all phones play.

    Apple is unlike other phone manufacturers in that they don't get all feverish about playing the game. They look at the big picture: does the phone do what the consumer wants it to do. Apple makes sure the technical specifications of the iPhone stay current with that mandate for the largest class of consumer. It's the other companies chasing Apple that keep trumping their own tech specs with newer tech specs in the hopes of drawing a larger audience. Apple takes a longer view.

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  • cybermat
    May 7, 06:31 PM
    I hope free doesn't mean linking it up to their iAd service and pushing ads.

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  • vincebio
    Nov 22, 01:13 PM
    Wouldn't it be something if Apple sold one of the first unlocked phones from the get-go.

    You walk into an Apple store, they have the iPhone in GSM form.. and you get a trade-in discount for your old phone.. the Apple reps pop-out your sim card, transfer your contacts.. and hand you an ipod like phone that has all your old info in it and works with your current plan.


    im pretty sure thats what steevie boy has in mind ;)

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  • toddybody
    Apr 7, 10:31 AM
    lol, i can just imagine steve jobs karate chopping stacks of 7" touch screens in cupertino.


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  • Caliber26
    Mar 29, 01:47 PM
    I'm glad to see that not everyone is super excited about this cloud stuff. I thought I was starting to get old and narrow-minded, by not embracing this new direction technology is heading in.

    I don't feel data providers (particularly the wireless companies) are reliable enough to ensure a stable experience 100% of the time. Your content would only be as good as your data connection, basically. No thanks. I have no problem investing a few more dollars on devices that provide enough local storage, thus eliminating my need to worry about data caps and connection.

    Also, WhyTF would I want my personal files, pictures, documents, movies, etc on someone else's server??? DropBox suffices my clouding needs, to store those occasional files I like to share between my computers and phone. No way in hell would I feel comfortable putting anything important or of real value in the hands of another person/entity. I don't care what all they delineate in their TOS/EUA's, it doesn't mean jack to me. Call me paranoid, but none of it comforts me and guarantees me any privacy. Since when is any large corporation a pillar of integrity? Ha! My **** stays with me.

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 14, 10:54 AM
    Admittedly, I didn't read the article posted by rdowns, but from reading the quotes he put in the OP, I'd have to say I disagree somewhat with your comments. Sure, we should all be working together, but the point is that those who are making the most are not paying at the same share/percentage as those who are lower or middle income.

    I believe in progressive chipping in.

    I have no problem doing my part to pay taxes as I do benefit from roads, schools, etc., but I do have a problem with a lot of the wasteful ways in which tax money is spent. We could all benefit from some efficiency, improved budgeting, and controlled spending on the government level.

    No doubt. However, while waste and efficiency is one thing, I think we can also benefit from an examination of our national priorities.

    And while it's probably not practical, I'd love to see a system where taxpayers actually had some say in where their taxes went. Imagine a system where the government took 50% of taxes to distribute as it pleased and gave the taxpayer a checklist of programs to distribute the other 50%.

    In my case, the military would get nothing. Abortions for unwed mothers, on the other hand, could afford gold-plates scalpels. (Kidding ... just kidding. They'd still have to use the regular kind.)

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 26, 02:42 PM
    Competition is good :) Keeps Apple on their toes

    Don't need another MS Monopoly.......

    And it least Android has healthy competition too (unlike MS).

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  • chris975d
    Mar 27, 07:32 AM
    Ah, I forgot about that, Verizon models are not available here :) .

    No problem. I kind of thought that you might be outside the US and not factoring in the Verizon models.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 21, 03:39 PM
    Here are my predictions for WWDC; I think it will be an amazing event!

    It's posts like this that leave people disappointed after every keynote. When has apple EVER released that many things at once? WWDC will see the mac pro, a leopard demo, and maybe one other new product if we're lucky. Your expectations border on the absurd.

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  • silentnite
    Apr 25, 11:44 AM
    Good answer, that's the same thing my attorney said to do. Deny everything.:D

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Aug 7, 04:18 PM
    ProMac is a workstation, Consumer is still king though and I suspect something new the next few months because Mini aint enough and ProMac is a beast. Still waiting for my Cube Jobs:D

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 16, 12:19 AM
    If you really want longer battery life, then you should be hoping to keep the X1600. It's regarded as having the best "performance per watt" of recent mobile GPUs.I'd rather have a bigger battery and a Go 7700. I've not seen any decent figures for power draw on the mobile chips. The 7700 is manufactured on an 80nm process tho', so that should help some.
    Whichever uses less battery power is what I would prefer as long as it can still drive a 30" ACD or Dell when it's plugged into AC.Personally, I hope (well, pipe dream actually) they'll make MBP build-to-order like Mac Pro. I'd downgrade the CPU to the 2.0GHz version. It wholesales for $130 less than the 2.16, and $340 less than the 2.33. That's way too much to pay for a fractional speed increase.

    OTOH, the 2.0 Xeon is $370 less than the 2.66 and Apple only cuts the price $75 for two of them. That's robbery. So I guess MBP BTO probably wouldn't help me even if they did it.The 2GHz downgrade is $300 not $75. Where did you get that number? Apple probably pays a lot less for each so this discount seems fair to me. Seems to me the down and up grade Mac Pro processor pricing is geard to steer buyers to the 2.66GHz model. I don't agree with you Apple is stealing anything from any of us. I think your use of the word "robbery" is not appropriate expecially since your figure of $75 is a flat out fabrication of your imagination. :rolleyes:Bear in mind custom options effectively "cost" Apple a lot more due to requiring special attention in a way the rest of the line doesn't. More so with the laptop line due to the processor being socketted rather than soldered.Dyslexia at work. Laptop processors are directly soldered to the LB to keep the profile slim, iMacs & minis socketed.Personally, I think the 2.33GHz part price is insane considering the small speed-bump, but that's up to Apple.While I agree the 2.33GHz upgrades are too expensive on the iMac, I expect the 2.33GHz will be the standard part in both the 15" and 17" top MBP models - no doubt on the 17". Who knows, Apple's cost per 2.33 may even drop every 30 days or so in their contract with Intel.

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  • treysmay
    Aug 7, 03:50 PM
    friggin canada store isn't up yet. I want to know the canadian damn prices!!

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  • DTphonehome
    Jul 30, 09:28 AM
    Verizon was reliable, although their network has been terrible. As I've said, I never get 3 bars or above, and I live in Denver! The service will constantly go out whenever I'm in NYC.

    Dude, you need to hit *228 when you travel to update your roam list. And I live in Midtown Manhattan and with my Treo650, I've never had a dropped call and the only time I don't have service is in the basement of a massive building. I've lived in NYC all my life and have had a phone with literally every provider here, and VZV trumps them ALL in terms of network reliability. The phones are crap, the data is overpriced, and they cripple bluetooth, but the service is the most important feature for me, so I stay with them.

    Amp'd is actually owned by Verizon, adnd Boost is owned by SprintNextel, using the same chirping technology as Nextel. Forgot the deal about Virgin.

    None of those companies are "owned" by the major carriers...they are MVNOs who buy bandwidth from the majors to set up their own virtual network. They are independent from the majors.

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  • ikir
    Nov 4, 03:17 AM
    Imho a stupid way to slow down your system. Enjoy your Mac without a antivirus, just be smart installing software.

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  • rdowns
    Apr 14, 04:29 PM
    Repeating myself ...

    I find this approach highly irrational. If you're overweight, it's important to lose fat. It does no good whatsoever to treat brain the same as fat ... to treat vital organs the same as fat ... to treat limbs and digits the same as fat.

    I think we can all agree that there is a lot of waste in government. The fact is, a lot of it is hard to find. At this point in our financial situation, I agree with across the board cuts. After that, then you continue to cut, where it makes sense, surgically.

    The Democrats agreed to historic spending cuts. Where are the Republicans who agree to tax increases?

    That's crap and you know it.

    According to a Congressional Budget Office comparison, the bill would produce only $350 million in tangible savings this year, partly because cuts in domestic programs were offset by an increase of about $5 billion for Pentagon programs.

    When projected emergency contingency spending overseas is figured in by the budget office, estimated outlays for this year actually increase by over $3 billion.

    The agreement does put the brakes on what had been a steady growth in spending by federal agencies. Future savings would be greater as the cuts took hold — a point Republican aides emphasized by noting that the plan is estimated to cut spending by $312 billion over the next decade.

    Link (

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  • marvel2
    Jan 25, 12:41 PM
    Ok, so for what it's worth here are my thoughts in using the Magellan Car Kit for a few days. I'll cut to the chase by telling you I'm sending it back. My big complaints are the bluetooth speakerphone is terrible with the volume being so low during phone calls that you have to turn it all the way up, but that's still not high enough. Then when you get Nav directions you have to turn it way down. The mic is very poor and I made about 15-20 calls during, and not during, the Nav software running. The 3.5mm input to connect your stereo system also plays the small bluetooth speaker on the kit at the same time....that is ridiculous, as its a tiny speaker and you cannot drive it like you can your car speakers, plus it does not sound great playing music through it. The good things were in my earlier post...the ability to pop your phone in with the case on, rock solid and better detent positions than the TomTom that do not slip, the Nav chip seems to locate very quickly, and the Nav directions through the speaker are loud and clear. I guess I'm back to waiting for someone to do this right!

    Thanks for your review. I guess I will stick with my TomTom kit for the iPhone. I don't use a case with my phone and the TT kit is smaller and looks sleeker anyways.

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 28, 10:39 AM
    Hummm.... if they wait until the fall, then people like me who got their iPhone on day 1 may be eligible for an early upgrade. Could be a stroke of genius by Apple again.

    Use new OS things to carry us through the summer and give us new hardware goodies in the fall with volumes ramped up to handle demand as opposed to cutting it so close like they have in the past.

    I don't think Apple is stupid... so I expect they have a plan that will make us all happy by the end of the year. Besides... iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are both very competitive products and a new iOS will keep them fresh for a while more while the hardware is sorted out.

    I think this could be a good thing more than a bad.

    Apr 20, 09:06 AM
    1)So I'll have fun with a Galaxy S2 while the gullible remain in denial.


    So if I said the Galaxy S feels like it was made by Fisher Price, in that it feels cheap, too light, over-designed, kind of goofy-looking, and therefore a monumental piece of crap when coupled with Android's battery-sucking OS and Samsung's baffling UI, would you take that as a statement of fact, or just another cue that everything is subjective?

    Not that I hate Android phones. Far from it. My wife has one. She thinks it's "neat". I agree. She also thinks the battery life is a PITA and the inability to sync on a Mac is just plain stupid. I, again, agree.

    EDIT: I just watched a review for the Galaxy S2. The only thing new I took away from it was "Wow, there might be something to this Apple/Samsung lawsuit after all."

    May 4, 04:30 PM
    No thanks, that would use a bunch of my 30gb monthly limit (no other options for broadband where i live). I definately would prefer a usb stick or a dvd. At least if its download only I hope they make it easy for me to burn to a standard size disc

    30GB? Where do you live and who's the provider?

    Jul 21, 02:55 PM
    Noo...! My MacBook is out of date before its even arrived :eek:!!!!!!

    Nov 22, 05:52 AM
    Not in the UK it isn't. It's very difficult to get a new contract without a phone.

    It's easy enough to get a Pay-as-you-go sim card. You can get a contract sim card easily enough, but then again if you're getting a free phone you might as well - then you can hang on to it and use it as a backup if something goes wrong with your main one.

    The high price of a sim-free phone is a bummer though.

    Apr 9, 06:36 PM
    Well, you�re wrong. You�d need two more parentheses to SEE it that way.

    No, that's the way I see it:D


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