Friday, June 17, 2011

Fag Ash Cole: Chelsea star snapped puffing away on a cigarette during LA holiday


Don't let Abramovich see you! Ashley Cole takes a drag on his cigarette as he is driven through Beverly Hills to meet his friends for lunch

He's supposed to be one of the country's top professional sportsmen who is paid a phenomenally huge amount of money for his skills.

But clearly no one's told Ashley Cole that smoking is not only bad for his health but for his career too.

The Chelsea and England star was snapped puffing away on a cigarette as he enjoyed his summer break.

The 30-year-old defender was seen taking a deep drag as he sat in the back of a car as he drove through Los Angeles.

Wearing a Panama hat, he seemed oblivious to the cameras as he puffed away without a care in the world.

And exhale: Ashley blows out his smoke as he takes in the view from the car window

Ashley is in the Californian city on a boys' holiday as he enjoys some time off from his Premiership and European Championship duties.

And as the old adage goes, boys will be boys, none more so than Ashley and his buddies who have been making the most of their Golden State break.

Not quitting yet then? Ashley is snapped having another cigarette as he had lunch with friends at a poolside bar in Beverly Hills

Something funny, lads? Ashley holds on to Shaun Wright-Phillips as they share a joke with their group which also included Zat Knight (khaki shorts)

Soon after he was snapped in his car, he was seen hanging out with some friends at a poolside bar in Beverly Hills.

Among his pals joining him for lunch and vodka-based drinks was Bolton Wanderers star Zat Knight and Manchester City winger Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Got some gossip? Ashley and Shaun look at something on the Manchester City star's phone

Summer break: Ashley looked relaxed and happy as he laughed along with his mates

They ordered a huge round of food which included a large plate of chips, a Caesar salad, sushi and some crudités.

They larked about and shared a joke while chatting on their mobiles phones and sharing pictures and messages.

Say when: Ashley tops up Zat's drink with some vodka as they relax over their lunch

And they kept the merriment topped up as they ordered two bottles of Grey Goose Vodka with cranberry and orange juice to mix it with.

Ashley is staying with a friend and a few days ago he was seen playing the dutiful house guest as he took out the rubbish.

Just chilling: Stuffed from their lunch, Ashley and the boys head to a poolside bed to relax in the sun

The full-back got to know the city last summer when he fled there after suffering a humiliating World Cup defeat.

The ex-husband of Cheryl, who he has reportedly been calling to offer his support after her X Factor dismissal, was then snapped smoking a cigarette as he arrived at a beer party.

Time to kick the habit: Ashley was also snapped smoking on a trip to Los Angeles last July

source: dailymail


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