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Bmw Z4 M Coupe 2010

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  • arc
    08-03 05:29 PM
    When I open this post the AD on the top of the page said "zero calorie noodles" ha ha I could not resist I had to write a few lines...

    Dude - Life is too short, eat drink and be merry :p when you become 80 - even if you have 6 peck no one is going to want to look at you :D

    (do some workout like fun sports (Gym is for the dedicated ones) to stay active)

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  • vishwak
    11-12 07:46 AM
    Consult your Attroney. If HR files for H1B (In some of Companies), please do Hire nice Attorney.

    My advise: If you are sending Originals, Take 2 copies and get Notarized and save them safely. If you need them in urgency you can always use Notarized ones.

    Please keep updating the Thread with developments which might help others.

    Bmw Z4 M Coupe 2010. Rendering: 2010 BMW Z4 Coupe
  • Rendering: 2010 BMW Z4 Coupe

  • REEF�
    06-06 11:44 AM
    The girl looks too blurry but nice :).

    And I thought RED means EVIL and BLUE means GOOD :puzzle:?

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  • acsouza
    03-20 07:15 PM
    Yes I believe the HR department is wrong in this case.
    The problem according to them is that they need to verify the picture on the document I provide with the picture that the E-verify system will show.

    I am researching this further once I get some more information from DHS I will be arguing with HR again.

    Thanks Euclid.


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  • skagitswimmer
    June 19th, 2005, 08:50 AM
    Interesting. I haven't calibrated mine yet - I'm waiting for my new printer and then will do them both together (or I may replace the monitor too). On mine current one it looks fine - lots of detail and highlights in the area that was blacked out before. It is certainly a difference between monitors and also probably a bit of personal preference. Here is another version reducing the intensity of the FM shadow reduction which does give a washed out look if overdone. The first one used an intensity of 5. this one uses a three.

    By the way - do you use autofocus when shooting on the 500 + 1.4 TC? I am trying out a 1.4tc now on my 1-400Lis. While it gives TTL metering there is no autofocus with the tc.

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  • perm2gc
    07-08 10:11 PM
    Check again
    Rated :D


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  • sagar_nyc
    02-11 12:00 PM
    Yes My 140 was approved close to Sept 19.. Thanks

    I think your attorney is right... Was your 140 approved in September.. meaning.. is Sept 19 close to your approval date? if that is the case I wouldn't worry. But if your approval was much earlier than Sept then it could be something to clarify from USCIS.

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  • anil_gc
    11-30 12:27 PM
    Since your PD is in 2006, It may be a mistake.
    This month I have seen many applicatiions with PD - EB2-India Jan-2003 to Jan 2004 are approved.
    If you see many other updates like "Card production ordered" "Welcome NEW permanent residents" in the coming days then it may be a real approval


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  • rolrblade
    10-08 09:57 AM
    Hello Friends:

    I have a I-485 pending (receipt date 7/19/07) with the USCIS. The situation is my company (Company A) has now officially laid me off and my last date is on November 16, 2007. I have spoken to them about the possibility of extending this date till Mid January 08, but it is NOT GOING TO Happen. Nov 16 will be my last date.

    I have an offer from a different employer (Company B) for a SIMILAR job. I have an approved I-140 from the original employer and have assurances that they are NOT going to withdraw the I-140, since this is a company layoff and no fault of mine.

    My questions are the following:

    1. What is USCIS view when they see the new H1B transfer petition? Will they reject my I-485?
    2. If I take a job with Company B, starting Nov 17, can I use AC21 and send in the letter after January 15 (180 days pending).
    3. Do I have any other options here (I dont have EAD yet, just applied last week)

    Your responses would be greatly appreciated. Please help.

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  • shirish
    02-23 01:21 PM
    Can H4 dependent join college without changing his/her visa status to students visa.

    Also what are the implecations for this on the green card process if one is waiting for the PD to be current.


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  • cris
    08-30 12:22 PM
    outstanding answer , gg_ny ! Thank you very much

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  • addsf345
    07-17 06:46 PM
    Just got back from Canada. It was really straightforward.

    Showed passport and GC at Canadian checkpost... No questions asked about canadian immigration.
    On the way back showed green cards, again no questions....

    Wow... after almost 10 years on H1, it is unbelievable how uneventful travel on GC can be :D

    so this is only for ppl with BOTH white card and green card.

    what bout rest of us like who never been to canada or applied for canadian white card. if i get GC in future and visit canada, will I face any issues? just wondering?


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  • Honda
    09-05 03:59 PM
    You need to wait another 5 years to get your GC. That's my prediction.

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  • weasley
    04-16 06:25 AM
    I showed my 485 Receipt notice as evidence and renewed my licence. You don't have to always produce EAD (then every 2 year you have to renew the licence).

    If your 485 is pending for long, You can contact USCIS over phone and create service request. USCIS will send you a letter saying that your case is pending because of so and so reason. You can take that along with you, if the BMV is asking why your 485 is pending for long.


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  • go_guy123
    04-30 03:42 AM
    Yes getting her here on an F1 Visa is your best option. You can hv the wedding in India but she shd not disclose abt her wedding and shd cm here on her maiden name and after afew months you can hv a registered marriage here. That is what my cousin did and they flew together to US.

    This is totaly wrong. In fact if at a later stage this is found out (as it will) he/she can lose GC as well on grounds of perjury(false declaration).

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  • sweet23guyin
    09-26 04:56 PM
    Options 1-2-2-6-2-2-1

    u need to tell them that ur app was filed around 90 days ago and u wil get transferred to an 2nd level IO. She will ask you ur full name and DOB. If she finds you in DB , she will verify ur address or mother's maiden name.

    Thanks for the info, i too got my recpt# by calling...


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  • Env_Engr
    10-22 09:30 AM
    Has any July 2nd filer that got receipts / checks cashed in October, receveived EAD? I am still waiting and wondering how long this phase will last?:mad:

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  • dealsnet
    08-04 01:31 PM
    If he is willing to co-operate, she can file. If she file without his permission, he can cancel her petition any time before adjudication. The petition have the validity until the divorce. If he is not supporting with her GC, nothing can be done. She will loose her H4 status also. She need to find some other way to be in staus like, Student visa, her own H1B, marry a citizen, H1B.
    Hi all,
    One of my friend is separated (not divorced) from her husband.
    can she file 485 by herself. Does she needs anything latest doc from her husband. She does have all the copies of his documents.
    She is thinking she can work if she gets EAD. She does not have anybody here are back home except her mom. Please suggest a solution

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  • chanduv23
    08-07 10:52 PM
    and bump///


    07-13 09:51 AM
    If you invest more than 1 million(like bechams hollywood hills home) in US you are eligible to apply for a greencard

    08-02 11:39 PM


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