Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lady Gaga rehearses gruelling dance routines in her latest green wig


Ever-changing: Lady Gaga is now sporting long green hair in preparation for her performance at MuchMusic's Video Awards

She's known for her rigorous work ethic so it's no surprise that Lady Gaga was seen rehearsing for an upcoming performance once again.

The superstar doesn't ever appear to stop and just days after she appeared on Paul O'Grady Live, she was perfecting her moves for the MuchMusic's Video Awards.

Popstar: The singer is known for her hectic work schedule and is seen perfecting her moves for her upcoming performance

Once Lady Gaga had made her appearance on the comedian's show she wasted no time in jetting off to Toronto, Canada, for the awards show.

The Judas singer performed gruelling dance moves high above the ground on some scaffolding and was watched over by protective backing dancers who were part of the routine.

Balancing act: A dancer protectively watches over Gaga as she belts out a tune while balancing on a railing in heels

Cool moves: The Judas singer is completely focussed as she practises with one of her dancers

Naughty: The singer looked stunning and showed off her toned figure in a slightly see-through bodysuit

She looked stunning in a skin tight, and slightly see-through, black body suit and knee-length black boots with studded detail. The singer finished off the look with large black-rimmed glasses and later put on a green jacket with pointed shoulder pads.

Gaga was also sporting a longer version of her latest green coloured wig which she wore on O'Grady's show with a matching fringe dress.

She also left audience members shocked after taking off her wig to reveal a completely bald head.

Adoring: Fans are desperate to get pictures with their idol while one appears to have given Gaga a cuddly toy

But the act was all part of her latest song Hair and the singer was actually wearing a skin-coloured skull cap to hide her real locks.

Once she had finished rehearing she stopped to sign autographs and take pictures with her adoring fans.

One of them appeared to give her a toy monkey which she kept close before heading off to a hotel in her chauffeur-driven limo.

Gaga will be performing live at the MMVA later tonight alongside other stars such as Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars and Avril Lavigne.

Lady Gaga is nominated for two awards.

See you later: Gaga clutches the toy monkey given to her by a fan. The singer is known for making time to meet and greet

source :dailymail


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